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All prices are in American Dollars (US$) and include sales tax.


Online DAW Curacao B.V. accepts: Visa, Mastercard, American express and Discover.

When on location, all locations of DAW Curacao B.V. accept: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro debit cards or Cash in American Dollars or the Curacao local currency.


Tips are not included in the price, so if you enjoyed the trip/dive make sure you show your appreciation by leaving a tip. Tip suggestion is 5 to 15% of the booked value of the activity.


It is not necessary to re-confirm your reservations. Once you have paid in full you will receive the ticket for your seat on our boat/dive. That will guarantee your spot for the trip you have chosen. If you wish to upgrade your trip you could do this by contacting us with the provided e-mail address that is on your voucher.


Flex rate: When booked the Flex rate you have the possibility to change your tour date after booking the activity. For rebooking you must contact DAW Curacao B.V. by sending an e-mail with your rebooking request. Note that all rebookings are the same activity, be aware that not all activities have daily schedules or availability. Tour cancellation within 24 hours will be charged in full. 
DAW Curacao B.V. is not responsible if the desired date does not have availability.

Non-Refundable or tours that are not having the Flex option: Tour cancellation within 60 days before the activity will be eligible for free rebooking. All bookings are non-refundable, only management has the ability to make an exception. Exceptions could only be made by management in case of critical circumstances of a proven medical type emergency.

No-Show or late arrival: When not arriving or arriving late we cannot guarantee your participation in the tour or activity, there are no refunds and your booking will be charged in full.


Please note that tours could be canceled by the tour operator due to unforeseen circumstances, in this case, the deposit will be refunded by DAW Curacao B.V.


All deposits are non-refundable, if tour is eligible for rebooking the deposit will be used for the rebooked activity. In the unlikely event of bad weather, technical problems or any circumstance on behalf of DAW Curacao B.V. or its charters that your trip/dive would be canceled, you will receive a full refund. The Captain/Divemaster/Instructor has the right to cancel any dive/trips due to weather conditions.


Non-divers, learning to dive or other dive courses: All participants must fill out the PADI Medical Questionnaire and other paperwork to participate in the program or course. Before booking please check the medical questionnaire to check if you have any medical conditions that might keep you from diving. If a you have a medical condition that is listed on the PADI Medical Questionnaire you must get a doctor’s approval before the program or course participation. The doctor’s note should be signed by the doctor and should say ‘’Fit to Dive’’ and is valid for twelve months. If participating in continuing education programs or courses (after PADI Open Water Diver) be aware of the specific course prerequisites before booking the course. 
Flying after diving: Take in account that you need to wait 12 hours after the dive activity or 18 hours after multiple dives before you can board on a plane.

All certified divers and boat diving: Every diver needs to be able to show their dive certification card, each diver must hold an Open water level certification or higher for (guided) dive trips. Please mention at reservation if you hold a Scuba Diver level certification.
For all dive activities organized by DAW Curacao B.V. please be there at the mentioned check-in time, if not, we cannot guarantee your spot on the activity. Before being accepted as a diver on the boat a diver needs to do a checkout dive on the house reef at least one day before the first boat dive. 

Unlimited diving & package rules:

  • Divers must dive with a buddy.*
  • All dives must be within recreational depth limits, time/decompression limits and personal certification limitations.
  • Standard packages are for standard dive configuration (1 tank setup).**
  • Packages are based on consecutive days.
  • Maximum number of tanks per day are unlimited, per time each diver can take 2 tanks.  
  • Tanks can be picked up or returned at all Dive Division locations. DAW Curacao B.V. is not liable for stock levels of tanks at other locations. 

* Solo divers with a valid certification could dive alone when DAW Curacao B.V. approves the certification and this should be requested before booking the packages.

** Solo divers and Sidemount divers must have a special package that is listed on the pricelist as Unlimited tank & Weights for Sidemount or Solo divers.

Boat diving packages:

  • Divers must dive with a buddy.
  • Boat schedules and departure times are to be decided by DAW Curacao B.V. staff.
  • If a boat dive(s) of the package is canceled by DAW Curacao B.V. the refund is calculated by the part of the day(s) of the whole package.


All rentals of DAW Curacao B.V. are done per calendar date. When renting equipment or other products a rental form must be signed. The renter is always fully responsible for the rented equipment, for its return and for its state. Rental equipment must be checked before taking it with you for damages. Returning the product damaged or when parts or equipment is missing a charge will be applied, the renter is liable for this cost. When renting equipment, the staff will ask for a deposit, this can be: Cash, a valid ID, a Ship card, Room Keys or anything the staff is willing to accept as a deposit. Upon return the deposit will be returned to you. We provide tanks in yoke configuration if you are using DIN regulators this is your responsibility to bring a DIN adaptor. 


DAW Curacao B.V. is not liable for any incidents during the tour. Before each tour, it is mandatory to agree and fill out our liability form. DAW Curacao B.V. is not liable for damage or loss of property unless damage is caused by intent or gross negligence on part of DAW Curacao B.V.



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