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Dive sites Curacao 

Curacao is one of the best islands for shore and boat diving in the Southern Caribbean. Because it is a volcanic island the most dive site is accessible by shore. The dive sites how you can not access from the beach are easy to explore by boat. 

The two beautiful house reefs of coral divers ''coral habitat'' and ''St Marie reef'' are one of the best shore dive sites of the island has to offer. They have big diversity in corals and Sea lives such ass: Moray Eel, Lobsters, eagle rays, and turtles. With an easy entry and a shallow bay they both easy dive site, which makes them ideal for training dives or fun diving.


Coral divers also arrange daily boat dives. To explore the more remote dive site's around curacao like Mushroom forest and the blue room. It doesn't matter if you are an experienced diver or just a new certificate open water diver. Curacao has a great variety of dive sites for all levels of scuba divers. 

read more about our favorite dive site below:

St Marie reef

This beautiful reef is located in front of Coral estate and is easy to access from our dive Center. St Marie reef is a rocky slopestyle reef. Between the rocks many sea creatures take shelter, that's why st Marie is ideal for night diving. During the night many lobsters, crabs, moray, lionfish, and even octopus come out to hunt. St. Maire is also during the day full of life you can spot many trumpet fish, Pufferfish, cowfish and now and then a turtle will show himself.

Shore dive from Coral Divers -

Best Depth between:  5 - 20 meters / 15 - 65 feet.    Sealife: Green Moray eel, shrimps and Octopus    Current: None - mild 


Coral Habitat

It is one of our 2 beautiful houses Reefs. You enter the water in front of our dive center and turn to the left. Coral habitat is a beautiful slopy reef with a big variety of soft corals. The reef starts at 5 meters depth and goes al the way down to 60 meters. Between the soft coral, you can spot al kinds of different sea creatures like; Green moray, shrimps, and Octopus. Also, we do this dive by boat. Then we drop a little bit further out and drift al the way back to the dive center. Because there is mostly no current this dive site is ideal for a check-up dive before you jump on the boat to explore the dive site around curacao.

Shore dive from Coral Divers -

Best Depth between:  5 - 20 meters / 15 - 65 feet.    Sealife: Pufferfish Lobsters and turtle   Current: None - mild 


Mushroom forest and the blue room.

From our dive center, it takes a 40-minute boat dive. Mushroom forest is the most famous and one of the best dive sites from curacao. The name mushroom forest comes from the coral that grows in a ''mushroom'' formation. In combination with a big variety of sea life like tuna, turtles, and even a nurse shark. Is Mushroom forest one of the most unique dive sites of the Caribbean. To make it even better we end the dive in the Blue room. This unique cave is the perfect place to end your dive and spotted a group of glassy eye sweepers.

- Boat Dive -

Best Depth between:  15 - 20 meters / 50 - 65 feet.    Sealife: glassy eye sweepers, Turlte and Nurse shark    Current:  mild - strong 



This dive site is located in front of Coral Estate, right next to one of our dive centers, Coral Divers. Do not expect to see a big lighthouse on the coast because the lighthouse burned down a long time ago and only some remains are left. Due to the location most of the time there is a current. This makes this dive site ideal for a good drift dive. The steep slope is overgrown with beautiful corals with all kinds of sea life. When you drift by the slope you will enjoy the beauty of it. Do not forget to look into the blue, sometimes between the many hunting barracudas an eagle ray may pass by. 

- Boat Dive -

Best Depth between:  15 - 20 meters / 50 - 65 feet.    Sealife: lionfish, Moray Eel, Baracudda's, and eagle ray    Current:  mild - strong 


Witches Kitchen

Just around the corner of st Marie is the Whitchen kitchen located. The name whitchen Kitchen is coming from the many big sponges how grown on the reef. The sponge looks like cauldron where witches like to make their positions in. Between de corals and big sponges, many sea creatures take shelter like eels, spotted cleaner shrimps, and lionfish. 

- Boat Dive- 

Best Depth between:  05 - 20 meters / 15 - 65 feet.    Sealife: Blenny, big sponges and sting ray   Current:  mild - strong 


Seldom Reef

Seldom Reef is located at the ‘Bullenbaai’ and is one of the most beautiful dive sites of Curacao. The name already tells you that we come there 'Seldom'. It is a drift dive and we can only dive there when the sea is calm. That is why not many people dive there. Because of the remote location the coral reef is in great health. The reef is loaded with large elephant ears, sea fans, sponges and under the hangovers from the rocks it is a good place to search for nurse sharks. The dive site is a mix between a wall dive and a sandy slope. That makes this dive site very interesting.

- Boat Dive -

Best Depth between:  07 - 20 meters / 20 - 65 feet.    Sealife: Moray eel, eagle ray, and nurse shark      Current:  Mild to strong 


Playa Manzanila;

It is located between the turtle beach and Shon Mosa. Manzalina is lying in a bay that makes is a very relax and easy dive site with no current. the coral slope starts at 5 meters depth and slowly descends into the depth. Manzanila is an ideal dive site for spotting smaller sea creatures. Look into all the anemones you pass by and you will find Spotted cleaner shrimps and Clinning crabs. Also, plenty of arrow crab and Pederson shrimp are find on this dive site.

- Boat Dive -

Best Depth between:  07 - 20 meters / 20 - 65 feet.    Sealife: Cleaner shrimps, spotted eels, and lobsters     Current:  None 


Black Coral Garden

is located in the Soto area. The dive site is a slope where the rare black coral grows. That's where the name Black Coral Garden comes from. The skeletons of the coral are black but the polyps have varying colors such as ass red, white, green, or yellow. Between the black coral, you can find all kinds of sea creatures such as Lionfish, spotted cleaner shrimp, and scorpionfish. And next to the reef you can spot barracuda's hunting. 

- Boat Dive -

Best Depth between:  10 - 30 meters / 30 - 95 feet.    Sealife: Moray eel, eagle ray, and nurse shark      Current:  Mild to strong