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Do you want to dive regularly but find it hard to get a buddy to come along? Do you like to share your experience after a dive with other divers? Do you want to receive discounts at the dive center and watersports retail store? Then become a member of the Dive Division Club.

You are able to dive every 2 weeks at a minimum, with other club members, according to a pre-set year schedule. There is no need to pre-register or cancel. There will always be a certified divemaster present during our Dive Division Club dives.

Other club meetings will be announced well ahead of time.

Everyone may become a member. To join at a dive you need to have a PADI open water license (or similar).

Yearly membership fee:

  • Sedula holder: ANG 25,00 per year.
  • No Sedula: US$ 25,00 per year.


Upon showing your membership card you will obtain a discount at these dive centers and retail stores:

  • Blue Bay Dive & Watersports
  • Coral Divers
  • Jan Thiel Diving
  • BLVD Divers
  • Quiksilver Zuikertuintje
  • Dive Division Retail Store

Dive Discounts

Rental Dive Gear 20%
Mandatory rent of air on club diving meetups Only 6,00 ANG per tank.
Continue Education PADI Courses                        20%
Monthly specials Various discounts

Retail Discounts (not on items for sale)

BCD, Regulators & Wetsuits 10%
Snorkel, Mask, Fins & Dive Accessories 10%
Dive Computers & Action Camera's 5%
Clothing & Sunglasses 5%

Visit one of the dive centers to complete registration. Don't forget to bring your divers license.