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PADI Underwater Photographer

From USD 315

Do you love to take pictures underwater? But every time you come up you disappointed in the result or you just wanna level up your photos? Then the underwater Photographer specialty is just what you need. Underwater Photography is one of the most popular diving specialties. And now with so many underwater cameras to choose from, everybody can make that perfect picture underwater. With this course you will level up your images and make that perfect picture. You learn the right underwater system for you and The PADI SEA ( Shoot, Examine, Adjust ) method to get great shots quickly. You will practice those techniques in two open water dives. On the end of the course, you not only an underwater photographer specialist but also have some great picture to make your friends and family jealous
  • E-learning at home in your own pace
  • Theorie lesson in the classroom 
  • Two open water dive
  • Includes dive gear rental

From USD 315

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This course is great in combination with Fish Identification Specialty ​​​​​​: After you learn how to make perfect picture's of fish you wanne show them to your friends. So do the Fish Identification specialty so you can tell them the name is of the fish to your friends.  Click here for more Information.

Prefer to buy your own PADI Underwater Photographer Specialty book instead of boring the one from the shop? 
Order it now in our dive division shop. And the book will be waiting for you in the dive shop when you arrive on Curacao! Click here to go to the Dive Division Online Shop


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