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Coral Spawning Guided Night Dive.

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One of nature's most spectacular underwater nature events is predicted to happen in September!
Join us on a Coral Spawning Guided night dive at Coral Divers in September! During this night dive, you will see the reproduction of many coral species.

Based on predictions from Carmabi Marine Research Station we schedule this event on the 7th of September! This is one of the best chances of seeing the Maze coral, Great star Coral, Boulder Brain coral and the Boulder star spawn. We have also a good chance to see the smooth Flower Coral, pineapple Coral and Elkhorn coral spawn.

Meet us at the Coral Divers dive shop at Coral Estate at 7:30 pm! We will start the dive at 08:00 pm so we have the best chance to see Coral spawning!

Price includes:
  • Rental Flash Light
  • Dive guided
  • 1 Tank
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