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PADI Wreck Specialty

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One of the most popular PADI specialties. Whether a wreck was sunk on purpose to become an artificial reef for scuba divers or loss of result of an accident, wrecks are fascinating objects on the seafloor. Diving on one of those wrecks can be mysterious. That is why wreck diving is for many people very interesting. But wreck diving can also be dangerous because you can lose your way in one of those fascinating objects. In the PADI Wreck Specialty you will learn how to safely navigate a wreck, using penetration lines and reels to guide exploration. After this course, you and your buddy can explore any wreck safely and try unlocking any mystery or spotting something new what others have missed.

Four open water dives

Theory lesson in the classroom

Include dive gear rental

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Want to do more specialties? the PADI Navigator Specialty would be a nice addition!

Wrecks can be hard to find sometimes. That is why it is handy to know how to dive with a compass. You do not want to lose any air on searching for the wreck. Click here for more information.


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