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PADI Invasive Lionfish Specialty Course

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The Lionfish has many names like Zebrafish, Fire fish, or Butterfly-cod. But most appropriate is Tasty Fish. The Lionfish do not belong in the Caribbean Sea; therefore, they do not have any natural enemies and we hunt them. If we do not hunt them, the Caribbean reefs will be full of Lionfish and no other fish will survive. In the Lionfish Hunt Specialty, you will learn more about the Lionfish, where to look for them, how to shoot a Lionfish, and how to take it out of the water safely. On land, we will learn you how to clean and prepare the lionfish for your BBQ and make it a ‘’Tasty fish’’.


  • Theory lesson class in the classroom
  • Two open water dives
  • Includes dive gear & hunting equipment rental
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Want to do more specialties?
The PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty would be a nice addition!
You need to have a good buoyancy control, especially when hunting Lionfish, because you want to save the reef and not damage it or even more painful, get stung by a Lionfish. Click here for more information.

Want to Hunt with your own spear during and after this course? Order your Lionfish hand spear (Hawaiian sling) at the Dive Division Online Shop and the spear will be waiting for you at the dive shop when you arrive on Curacao. Click here to go to the Dive Division Online Shop.


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