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PADI Rescue Diver

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From USD 449

In the PADI Rescue diver course, you will practice problem-solving skills and learn how to deal with dive emergencies. You will become a better dive buddy and recognize dive emergencies faster.  You will not only receive the title of the first emergence responded, but you will also be specialized in underwater incidence by becoming a rescue diver. learn how to respond to an unconscious diver or other emergencies by performing in-water rescue breaths, diver towing techniques, provide emergency oxygen, and other skills. The Rescue Course takes 2 days and includes on land and in water exercises, as well as an E-Learning course which can be completed at your one phase at home trough the online system.  it’s serious, but still allows for lots of laughter in between the focused learning.

  • E-learning in your own time and pace
  • 2 days of diving: 08.30 till +/- 15.00
  • All equipment and materials included
  • What to bring: towel & swim clothing

From USD 449

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Requirements :
- Minimum PADI Advanced Open Water diver.
- Minimum age: 12 years. 
- Certain medical conditions and medications may preclude you from diving, for advice contact us and check the PADI Medical Questionnaire.
- Flying and Diving – You will not be able to dive if you are flying within 12 hours or if doing two dives, 18 hours.


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