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SUP Beach Hopping Tour

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Explore Cuaracao's beautiful coastline...

S(tand) U(p) P(addeling) has a long history which dates way back to the Poynesian fishermen. Today SUPing gets more and more famous. The reasons for that are simple. It is a lot of fun and a good exercise too. 

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- high quality boards from Starboard

- a fun tour with an experienced guide

- water and a "after SUP beer" or soft drink

- pictures and photos optional


We will start our tour at Lagun and make our way all the way to Westpunt where turtles will be waiting for us. On the way we will see the beautiful coastline of Curacao and explore the nicest beaches on the island like the postcard beach "Grote Knip". 


  1. Willemstad (CW)