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Christoffelpark Jeep Safari

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This tour takes you to the rough north shore and within the Christoffel National park, and offers you an awesome way to see the beautiful nature of Curacao. 

We are the only tour company allowed to visit the famous "Orchid Route" located at some of the highest viewing point on Curacao.

You will be picked up at your hotel and given a briefing and safety instructions by our guide/driver in reference to driving in open vehicles, specifically in the "wild Curacao" terrain. 

We then start the tour with a sightseeing trip to the San Pedro heights/HATO planes where you will get a lot of information about the island and it’s nature, the geology and we stop at some amazing spots for some good pictures. 

After enjoying a lunch (meals not included), we will continue the sight seeing tour and then enter the main park. The Christoffel National Park is a combination of beautiful nature and amazing historical sites from the time of the slave trade and huge slave plantations. We will also drive through an off road area filled with orchids, birds of prey and sometimes even deer. Other highlights of the tour are some amazing views some of them more than a 1000 feet above sea level.

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entrance fee Christoffel National park, historical tour at plantation, orchid route, viewing points.


Lunch stop - (lunch itself not included)


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