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Mushroom Forest 2 Tank Guided Boat Dive March 9th 2020

Let's go to the most famous dive site on the island! Come aboard our beautiful dive boat catamaran "The Blue Cat" and get ready for some great diving!
During this 2-tank guided boat dive trip, our first dive is at the famous Mushroom Forest, known for having many hard corals in the shape of mushrooms. During this dive, we will visit the Blue Room Cave as well, which looks amazingly blue due to how the light falls in. During the surface interval on the boat with some refreshments, the captain will bring us to another beautiful reef for the 2nd dive.
The boat will leave at 7:15 AM from Blue Bay Dive & Watersports and will stop at coral divers around 08:30 AM to pick up guest. Let us know where you want to jump on board.


Price: $110 Including Tank, Weights, and 2 Guided Boat Dives
Excl. Dive Gear